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Upcoming IPO List

What is IPO?

An initial public offering (IPO) is the first sale of stock by a private company to the public. IPOs are often issued by smaller, younger companies seeking the capital to expand, but can also be done by large privately owned companies looking to become publicly traded.

Initial Public offering is a way of raising money from general public. To raise money from general public it must be listed on stock exchange on BSE or NSE or Popular stock exchanges in India.

Initial Public Offering is a process through which any registered private firm can list itself in Stock Exchanges by offering shares in primary market. This is done to raise capital in order to expand the business/operations. It is also known as “Going Public”. Prior to Initial public offering, a company can only privately allocate its shares to a small group of investors, while IPO opens up opportunity for any individual to invest in the company.

Upcoming IPO List

Company NameIssue OpenIssue CloseOffer Price
ICICI Securities IPO20 March, 201826 March, 2018Rs. 519 – 520
Hindustan Aeronautics IPO26 March, 201820 March, 2018Rs. 1215 – 1240
Karda Construction IPO16 March, 201821 March, 2018Rs. 175 – 180
Sandhar Technologies IPO19 March, 201821 March, 2018Rs. 337 – 332
Bandhan Bank IPO15 March, 201819 March, 2018Rs. 370 – 375
Bharat Dynamics IPO13 March, 201815 March, 2018Rs. 413 – 428
H.G. Infra Engineering Ltd IPO26 Feb, 201828 Feb, 2018Rs. 263 – 270
Galaxy Surfactants IPO29 Jan, 201821 Jan, 2018Rs. 1470 – 1480
Amber Enterprises IPO17 Jan, 201819 Jan, 2018Rs. 855 – 859
Newgen Software IPO16 Jan, 201818 Jan, 2018Rs. 240 – 245

Factors to be considered before applying for an IPO:

The Following Certain factors you need to consideration before applying for IPO.

  • Company Financial Report and Earning
  • Historical record of Company
  • Company Promoters, their reliability and past records
  • Firm Which product Offered and their future
  • Company’s future Plan and Progress
  • Object of Issuing IPO and Offer Price.

So before applying IPO you must analysis company factors.